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Don’t Get Lassoed!

You are the best alternative to a litigated solution. Traditional litigation can make you feel like you have been hung out to dry. The traditional litigation model, used by most divorcing couples, “fuels and feeds off of overwrought emotions”, states Philip Mulford in Contemplating Divorce? Consider Mediation. Why is this? Divorce is not just a [...]

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Our very own San Francisco Examiner published an article recently called “10 Commandments of Co-Parenting. You can read it, here. There is some great advice in this article, which is just as apt for parents who are together as well as for divorcing parents. The commandments are: 1. Resolve conflicts without putting kids in the [...]

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Run Toward Fear

People in the midst of divorce are often extremely overcome with fear caused by the overwhelming change in their life. Pressure from fear of the unknown, triggered by questions such as: “How will the divorce affect the children?” “How will I survive financially?” “What will people think?” “Where will I live?”, coupled by anger and [...]

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