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Chose Your Future!

Do you want to control your future or leave it to chance? Saving money is the catalyst for many divorcing clients to seek out mediation, but once clients actually begin mediating most discover saving money is not the main benefit, albeit it is a significant one. A cornerstone of mediation and a main benefit divorcing [...]

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Money Talk!

Most people don’t have piles of money to burn….especially when they are getting divorced! There is a cost to getting divorced….emotional cost and financial cost, to name a couple. One reason to mediate is that it costs less, a lot less. As the saying goes, “Send your own kids to college, instead of your attorney’s [...]

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A new year is the perfect time of year to express gratitude! Being a mediation practitioner and student for over 20 years has enriched my life in ways too numerous to count, but one of the primary benefits of this work is the opportunity to learn the importance of gratitude! I embrace gratitude rather than [...]

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